Volendam is a small community. From origin a hardworking community of fishermen. After the Dutch built the Afsluitdijk, the sea became a lake. Which had a big impact on the business of these fishermen. Proud people as they are, they started to rearrange business by becoming construction workers ....


In former days alcohol and drugs became easily available for these fishermen and their community, delivered over the water.


The sad story of all is that many children of Volendam have grown up with drugs and addiction. A hidden story. And the mothers of today are still fighting this big health issue.


The concept

As the people of Volendam are very proud people we decided to bring the news to the Volendammers by creating a person somewhere in Asia (main visitors of this beautiful town) that isn’t real. That person writes a blog and uploads a little movie about Volendam.


The target

Everybody in Volendam would openly talk about it and at the kitchen tables it becomes part of the conversation, leaving the big question open; ‘How can we built a healthier Volendam.... together’. Knowing that it would take a lifetime to solve this big issue hidden in their own community.


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